# Welcome

Your website is working.

but... this is a placeholder Welcome page.

To replace this placeholder page, create a readme.md file and add it to the root of your project.

# Settings

Check out the following Project settings to customize your website.

# Set the project name

Customize your Project Name by setting the title in your retype.yml file:

  title: Your Name Here

Or, use your logo:

  logo: static/your-logo.png

Create a /static folder and then add a copy of your-logo.png file to that new folder. You can name the folder and file whatever you want, such as /images/my-logo.png.

# Set the URL

Improve your website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by setting the url in your retype.yml file:

url: docs.example.com # Use your website address here

# Add top links

Add custom links to the top navigation:

  - text: Visit example.com
    icon: globe
    link: https://example.com

# Help

Need some help with Retype?

A live support person is generally available on chat on the retype.com website.

If you find a defect or would like to submit a feature request, please create an Issue and we will investigate right away.

Do you have a general inquiry? Please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

We ❤️ your feedback.